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  • Daniel Kamenetzky


Unlocking a Player's Potential: Lisandro Martinez's Journey

A player's development is a never-ending journey that continues until retirement. Each player has unique needs, and their growth requires ongoing assessment and a creative approach.

It's a common misconception that "player development" ends when a player joins a senior team or, here in the US, when they enter a university or join a professional team at 18.

In my view, this development process never truly ends. It adapts to the ever-changing demands of competition and takes into account each player's individual history and characteristics.

Today, I'm sharing my second report on Lisandro Martinez, an incredible player who has already achieved the pinnacle of success as a world champion with the Argentinean national team. However, Lisandro still has room for improvement in certain aspects of his game to enhance efficiency and prevent injuries. Ignoring these areas could jeopardize valuable years of his athletic career.

Being a skilled tactical player doesn't mean you've mastered every aspect of the game. And being an older athlete doesn't mean you've stopped learning or improving.

What makes sports so special for athletes is the opportunity for continuous growth and learning. As professionals, our challenge is to help athletes of all ages succeed safely and excel in their journeys.



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