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  • Daniel Kamenetzky


Arda Guler is now recovering from surgery at the age of 18 due to a probably avoidable injury.

While discussing my previous two posts about this player with a prominent soccer professional he mentions: “Arda I watched 12 times last season, he played at a v high level. If he’s pulled out go concentrate exclusively on his physical development he loses short term value, his contract runs down, his club lose potential patrimony and value. It’s a business. You must understand this.”

I believe that business requires taking care of your “assets”, if we want to talk about kids and sports in those terms. The longer and healthier the player is, the more that the “business owner” can capitalize on his/her “productivity”.

In my opinion, even if this type of lack of care and limited professional development of players and young prospects (Guler is not yet a complete “athlete” because of his biological and performance-limited capacities!) are caused by “designed business strategies”, we can argue that the leadership’s decision-making is maybe controversial and for sure inefficient.

“Bottom line”, players are limiting their potential opportunities, they are also damaged with no need, and the business suffers because of the amount of money wasted for all stakeholders.

No good business, no good health, no good soccer!



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