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  • Daniel Kamenetzky


Professional players’ transactions are becoming increasingly risky due to the market prices and the higher game demands. Most club owners rely on the scouting opinions and, recently, also on the numerical description of game performance variables available for player’s comparison. However, the information used in the process of selection and hiring is still inconclusive to determine in advance the performance that the player will bring to the new club.

There are variables that are hidden in the eyes of the buyers that are critical to establishing investment risk and potential costs associated with undiscovered players’ limitations (unfinished injury recovery, mechanical risks, limited physical capacity, etc.).

Raheem Sterling is considered one of the most talented players, with a market value decreasing steadily since December 2019 from $160 million to $90 million by May 2021. There is an increment in injuries and associated absentee days that is contributing to the decrement of his economic value.


• An increased frequency of injuries from 2016 to the beginning of 2021, probably associated with his running, and workout techniques.

• A lordotic position while performing different techniques is probably associated with an anatomical permanent exacerbated lumbar curvature.

• Bilateral varus knee alignment, probably cause of many of his leg injuries.

• Technical inefficiencies while running and performing strengthening exercises that most probably cause and/or increase the risk of injuries.

• Decreased tendency in-game eventing variables.

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