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  • Daniel Kamenetzky


In this second report on Lamine Yamal, we delve into how a thorough analysis of publicly available data can shed light on a player's ability to handle the demands and responsibilities of their role, considering a multitude of performance factors. By incorporating comprehensive club-level data, we can make more informed decisions, driven by reason, for the player's long-term benefit as well as that of the club.

At just 16 years old, Lamine Yamal is already shouldering tasks and pressures typically reserved for seasoned professionals. His performance is scrutinized in the media as if he has been in the pro league for years. Rushing young players into adult competitions, without allowing them the necessary time for both physical and skill development, can prematurely jeopardize their careers.

We've witnessed numerous young athletes succumb to injuries, frustration, and stress when thrust into the spotlight and given excessive responsibilities before they are truly prepared. Athletes like Ansu Fati and Pedri in soccer, Simone Biles in gymnastics, and Naomi Osaka in tennis serve as poignant examples of talented individuals exposed to demands they weren't adequately prepared for.

A comprehensive and objective evaluation of all aspects of an athlete's performance can serve as a guiding compass for coaching staff when contemplating the promotion of athletes to higher levels of competition.

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