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  • Daniel Kamenetzky


I share a few slides extracted, and edited for the occasion, from the “Player Report” that at spandrel analytics we created for Ansu Fati. His return to practice just happened after a succession of severe leg injuries. The decision to bring him back to the competitive activity must be determined by a full risk/reward analysis.

The criteria that generally is used for a new player signing is like the one used for the return to competition after an injury: a few superficial observations with a subjective analytical component.

Using the analogy of the process of buying a house, we tend to evaluate its location, size, amenities, etc. But we need to bring experts to inspect the foundation, the roof, and any other hidden and specific variables. Those difficult areas to evaluate are critical to establishing the actual economical value and risk of any internal or external transactional decision.

60 million Euro player, with multiple severe injuries in less than two years, requires a more sophisticated and thorough process of analysis and control. At this point, his future is in the hands of the professional “adults” that control his career. Observe his last posted video on Instagram, you will see how in the last three months the symptom was treated… not the cause (see the last slide of the attached PDF).

See our in-depth Ansu Fati's running analysis at

Do you think that Ansu Fati is ready to return to practice? What should he do? Who is responsible for his future? It would be very interesting to learn your opinion! Thank you!

ABOUT SPANDREL ANALYTICS: We research and create player reports by request for soccer clubs’ owners and technical directors, scouts, agents, players, and journalists. We generate customized information for decision-making and education.

Our headquarters are in Berkeley, California – USA.

Daniel Kamenetzky’s methodological work and research have been helping club owners, first teams, and soccer academies for more than 30 years.



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